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Health      Recovery        Stability       Movement      Technique


Integrated Multi-Discipline Therapies  

Physio, Chiro, Osteopathy, Foot Orthotics


Returning athletes and non-athletes to their activities, safely and timely.

Since it's nice to be informed, we discuss our hypothesis and plans with the patient. Accurate assessment and diagnosis guides us, and in certain cases we refer patients to medical doctors or specialists as indicated.  


Correction of movement is part of our expertise.  It's nice to be aware what good technique is all about, so we teach that.  Even simple movements are corrected: 

  • sitting to standing 

  • walking & running technique 

  • lifting and sports technique 

  • foot/ankle/knee biomechanics & neuromyofascial balance


Expertise extends to seniors, athletes of all ages and levels, office workers, manual workers, pilots, crew,....and perhaps you!


Our team works together to deliver a treatment plan that best suits you and your condition.

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Clinics provide receipts with your diagnosis which you can submit to your insurer.   

Please have a medical referral for physiotherapy care in accordance with HK law. 


In Hong Kong, it is common for insurance companies to ask for a referral from a medical referral in order to get  chiropractic fees reimbursed.  Some insurance companies even include that "requirement" in their policy brochures.  Please discuss any problems in this regard to your chiropractor.  

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on Jervois Street, Hong Kong


  • David Cosman:  Doctor of Chiropractic

  • Virginia Wong: Doctor of Chiropractic

  • Thomas Fan:  Osteopathic Physician

  • Lincoln Yeung:  Physiotherapist

  • Alan Ho:  Therapeutic & Sports Massage (UK Reg)

  • Arthur Law:  Therapeutic & Sports Massage (HK Sports Cert)

  • Herman Szeto:  Doctor of Chiropractic 

About section

Physiotherapist Lincoln Yeung has joined our team of rehabilitation experts.

His UK experience covers a variety from athlete care to geriatric care.

Lincoln works with the chiropractor or osteopath to ensure that the rehab treatment

program is planned and carried out thoroughly. 


Lincolns' recovery treatment plan encompasses accelerated healing, managing scar tissue,

reducing adhesions, restoring ranges of motion, increasing strength & stability and

implementing sustainability (movement technique) to prevent recurrence. Portions of the plan

are sometimes be shared with the team as indicated.

​The Latest Physiotherapy Equipment:

Vacuumed / Lymphacare circulation therapy machines. 

  • These are German intermittent vacuum therapy  (IVT) machines.      

  • The increased circulation, oxygenation & capillarization is indicated for:

  • Diabetes and othe peripheral circulation problems

  • Fast recovery for foot & leg injuries & fatigue

  • Post surgical rehab - getting more oxygen to the area; fine for patients still wearing a cast.​

  • Swelling in the limbs, especially hands or feet.

  • Swelling associated with lymphatics blockage​


µEQ (micro-equalization) Biocybernetics Microcurrent Wellness Therapy

  • integrative frequency specific microcurrents for homeostasis through algorithmic frequency corrections.

  • This is a component of modern functional medicine.

 Fascial Manipulation
Stecco Method


Rehabilitation Experts worldwide have incorporated Stecco Method Fascial Manipulation into their practices.  Certification requires all 3 levels with certification exams.  The clinic director at Cosman Health Group is FM Certified.

Rehab Expertise Has Progressed

 Current research and advances in the health & rehabilitation industry have

revealed "the new stuff":   Adhesions (dense thickening and stickiness) between fascia and it's adjacent soft tissue is a factor causing impingement that affects balance nerve/muscle activity.  Fascial Manipulation (Stecco Method) explores and strategically treats fascial adhesions ("densifications") that create imbalanced dysfunction that mess with muscle, nerves, and with internal functions including organs and glands.

  • Chiropractic manipulation works on adhesions at spinal joint levels.  

  • Stecco Fascial Manipulation works on adhesions in the layers of fascia & muscle throughout the body. 

About section




 +852 2975 4114

3rd Floor, Room C, 19-25 Jervois St
Sheung Wan, HK


In Hong Kong, call 999 For 
Life Threatening Emergencies 
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