Cosman Clinic Doctors & Therapists:

David Cosman:  Doctor of Chiropractic

Lincoln Yeung:  Physiotherapist

Virginia Wong: Doctor of Chiropractic

Thomas Fan:  Osteopathic Physician

Herman Szeto:  Doctor of Chiropractic 

Alan Ho:  Therapeutic & Sports Massage (UK Reg)

Integrated Multi-Discipline Therapy:

Physio, Chiro, Osteoopathy, Orthotics

Goal:  Returning to activity, safely and timely.

We will discuss our hypothesis and plans with the patient. Accurate assessment and diagnosis guides us, and in certain cases we refer patients to medical doctors or specialists as indicated.  


Technique: Believe it or not, common pains can come about through movement-technique and posture flaws that we help you overcome.



  • sitting or standing posture

  • walking or running technique 

  • lifting and other sports technique 

  • foot/ankle biomechanics


Expertise extends to seniors, athletes of all ages and levels, office workers, manual workers, pilots, crew,....and perhaps you!


Multidiscipline:  Our chiro, physio and osteo work together to deliver a treatment plan that best suits you and your condition.

In Hong Kong, call 999 For 
Life Threatening Emergencies 

New In The Clinic   Nov 05, 2021

Physiotherapist Lincoln Yeung has joined the COSMAN team of rehabilitation experts.  Welcome Lincoln!

We have the Vacumed / Lymphacare circulation therapy machines.  These are German intermittent vacuum therapy  (IVT) machines.      

The increased circulation, oxygenation & capillarization is indicated for:

    • diabetes, neuropathies

    • fast recovery for foot & leg injuries & fatique

    • post surgical rehab - it's nice to get more oxygen to the area

      • recommended for patients stioll wearing a cast.​

    • swelling in the limbs, especially hands or feet.

    • swelling associated with lymphatics blockage

Biocybernetic microcurrent wellness therapy - integrative frequency specific microcurrents for homeostasis through algorithmic frequency corrections. This is a component of modern functional medicine.

      Certified Fascial Manipulation: Stecco Method

Rehabilitation Experts worldwide have incorporated Stecco Method Fascial Manipulation into their practices.  Certification requires all 3 levels with certification exams.  The clinic director at Cosman Health Group is FM Certified.

Rehab Expertise Has Progressed

Current research and advances in the health & rehabilitation industry have revealed "new stuff":   Adhesions (dense thickening and stickiness) between fascia and it's adjacent soft tissue is a factor causing impingement that affects normal nerve activation.  Fascial Manipulation (Stecco Method) explores and strategically treats fascial adhesions ("densifications") that create imbalanced dysfunction that mess with muscle, nerves, and with internal functions including organs and glands.

  • Chiropractic manipulation works on adhesions at spinal joint levels.  

  • Stecco Fascial Mannipulation works on adhesions in the layers of fascia & muscle throughout the body. 

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