Orthotic and Foot Services Commonly Indicated:

More than "arch supports"

As a professional practice, we are not a commercial store. Our staff dispenses products as indicated by the professional staff.  Commonly, our foot orthotics are forefoot corrective and can be highly technical.  High quality foot orthotics therefore require advanced professional assessment in order to provide suitable medical appliances, rather than simple custom made orthotics and arch supports.  


We custom make foot orthotics at our lab in Hong Kong. They are made to fit in:

       -  sports shoes 

       -  dress shoes and dancing shoes    

       -  multi purpose use

       -  various types of specialty footwear including:

           golf shoes, ski boots and ice skates

We are experts in walking / running technique training - this includes exercises, drills, workshops and track or stairs training.


Knee braces - ranging from simple compressive to stability requirements

      - for ACL sprains, ruptures & post surgical

       - for unilateral knee joint degeneration:

       - (DJD /osteoarthritis) 

       - for Osgood Schlatter knees (growth plate injury)


Other joint and muscle supports for compression and protection

       -   low back, shoulder, ankle, calf, thigh,

       -   wrist, thumb, elbow