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Foot Orthotics Movement Science 
 Gait Assessment, Technique Coaching

Orthotics can be an important part of the therapy
Foot orthotics can provide ascending (upward) stabilization
At the same time, descending stabilization comes from above.
We do both

As a professional practice, we are not a commercial store.  Our foot orthotics are commonly forefoot corrective and can be fairly technical.  High quality foot orthotics therefore require advanced professional assessment in order to provide the suitable medical appliances, rather than simple orthotics and arch supports. 

                                Advance designed foot orthotics can be much more than "arch supports"  

       Foot assessment includes expert gait analysis.  

         Our different models of foot orthotics are made to fit in:











               We are experts in teaching effective and efficient technique for walking and running. 

               Technique errors are common in all of us, even elite athletes.

               Technique correction includes drills & skills, strength and balance exercises. 


  Sports shoes 

Dress shoes

   Dancing shoes

Multi purpose use

Specialty footwear including:

Golf shoes, Ski boots and Ice skates

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