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Lincoln Yeung BSc. PT

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  • Passive therapeutic lasers & microcurrents

  • Passive joint / muscle G5 & mobilization

  • Active functional exercises

  • Active technique-based drills

  • Active technique-based movement skills

  • Active GMax©  training

  • AVE - Active (Core) Vibration Exercise

  • DTR - Dynamic Tendon Release (PNF)

  • Foot Orthotics - Custom MadE

  • Fascia Soft Tissue Therapy

  • Movement Science Therapy

  • Sports Physio

  • Rehab Physio

  • Intermittent Vacuum Therapy

  • Traction

  • Ultrasound 

  • Algorithm Frequency-Balanced Microcurrents 

  • Laser Biostimulation

  • Taping & Kinesio-taping

  • Dry and Electro-Needling 

  • Nutritional Consulting


To help you return to work / activity in the safest and most efficient way possible. 


Methods of assessing and subsequent treatment planning differs from person to person, case to case. Sometimes your pain is a compensatory overload or imbalance caused by dysfunction of an old injury.  

Physiotherapist Lincoln Yeung has joined our team of rehabilitation experts.

His UK experience covers a variety from athlete care to geriatric care.

Lincoln works with the chiropractor or osteopath to ensure that the rehab treatment

program is planned and carried out thoroughly. 


Lincolns' recovery treatment plan encompasses accelerated healing, managing scar tissue,

reducing adhesions, restoring ranges of motion, increasing strength & stability and

implementing sustainability (movement technique) to prevent recurrence. Portions of the plan

are sometimes be shared with the team as indicated.

​The Latest Physiotherapy Equipment:

Vacuumed / Lymphacare circulation therapy machines. 

  • These are German intermittent vacuum therapy  (IVT) machines.      

  • The increased circulation, oxygenation & capillarization is indicated for:

  • Diabetes, Neuropathies

  • Fast recovery for foot & leg injuries & fatigue

  • Post surgical rehab - getting more oxygen to the area; fine for patients still wearing a cast.​

  • Swelling in the limbs, especially hands or feet.

  • Swelling associated with lymphatics blockage​


µEQ (micro-equalization) Biocybernetics Microcurrent Wellness Therapy

  • integrative frequency specific microcurrents for homeostasis through algorithmic frequency corrections.

  • This is a component of modern functional medicine.


  • Dr. David Cosman; Chiropractor

  • Lincoln Yeung; Physiotherapist

  • Dr. Virginia Wong; Chiropractor

  • Thomas Fan;  Osteopathic Physician

  • Alan Ho; Myotherapist

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