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The Runner's Blog by DC

originally posted June 25, 2016
edited Jan 13, 2023

Movement Science Basics for Runners

By Dr. David Cosman DC in Hong Kong

This series of running tips comes in the midst of working with runners from every level since over 3 decades. My theme often reverts to technique fundamentals; the science of the sport.  Since the 1970s, I was fortunate enough to train and work with amazing athletes and brilliant coaches.  In sports, fads and advances like shoe design, analytics and training drills might change, but the fundamentals remain true. 

I am a sports injury doctor, therapist, trainer, teacher and retired athlete. Since 1984 my clinical and international touring practice has cared for athletes ranging from amateur-novices to elite-professionals.  I’ve coached runners and they did well, but coaching is a dedicated job; I’m focused on treating injuries.


I enjoy teaching the sports science of running technique to coaches, runners, and really anybody. The fundamentals apply in every sport, not to mention plain walking or getting up from a seat.  


Regarding sports injuries, my team and I treat and prevent conditions with chiropractic care, various combinations of advanced athletic/physical therapy including active and passive rehab, Stecco Fascia Manipulation (Levels I, II and III), sports nutrition, and balance/strength/conditioning training.  Therapy is not complete without teaching efficient movement technique that the athlete/patient wasn’t aware of.  


Look for my team of care providers at various Action Asia Events.  We provide post race therapy and injury care services at selected mountain marathon races in Hong Kong, and we travel to most of the out of town events.   


Run well,



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