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Fascia & Chiropractic

Those mysterious injuries that are labelled as sprains and strains are commonly secondary to old injuries that are distinctly away from the location of the presenting pain. Treating the fresh injury at it's site of pain might get you nowhere. If your treatment is not yielding results, then the diagnosis might be not precise.

Three common reasons for this are:

1. Old fascial (connective tissue) adhesions anywhere in the body can traction on the new pinful area. The two relevant sites of fascial adhesions can be localized and treated with Fascial Manipulation (Stecco Technique). Dr. Cosman has the level III diploma in Fascial Manipulation.

This is not to be confused with fascia release, or foam roller therapy, which is not Fascial Manipulation (TM). Stecco Method is the trademarked method of "Fascial Manipulation".

Fascia is nerve rich, and slides over the muscle that it encases. Adhesions or stickiness between fascia and it's muscle messes with coordinated nerve activity from body segment to other body segments. And yes, it's true that internal fascias can mess with your well being and healthy body functions ranging from range of motion to digestive and glandular and respiratory health. The knowledge of fascia health is new to the field of medicine. Especially in Hong Kong.

2. Spinal and extremity joint misalignments can also cause problems which are misdiagnosed and therefore get treated with poor results. An example is ankle pain that is diagnosed as a sprain where there was no memory of a twist that usually causes a sprain, In some cases, the ankle joints can slightly misalign and jam up. Chiropractic manipulation released these locked up joints and can produce remarkable results. With ankle sprain, it is common to have sprain plus a locked joint. Sports chiropractors address both. The goal is to yield fast results with re-education of the limb and body without long unnecessary rest from training or activity.

3. Injuries or muscle tension can result in increased micro-electrical resistance. For this, microcurrent therapy can produce very fast and long results.

Other factors including hydration must be considered. Dehydration can cause muscle cramping.

Patients who think they are hydrated are commonly dehydrated. Hydration requires water and minerals. Tap water, distilled water and most bottled spring or even supposed mineral waters are not sufficient. Contrex, Vitell and Evian are quite sufficient. Certain mineral supplements can be helpful and necessary for effective recovery and prevention. Knowing when to consume calcium and magnesium vs sodium and potassium supplements should be understood by recreational and competitive athletes and non-athletes.

Many electrolyte replacements that athletes take are problematic, and many warm weather runners over-supplement and use improper timing in taking supplements. If you rely on other runner's experiences, you may be doing it wrong. Learn how it works instead of how it came out for some elite runner who wrote up their experiences in articles. The basics are needed before you can figure out what should work for you.

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