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Chiropractic & Breathing

Sports Science Basics for Runners

By Dr. David Cosman in Hong Kong

Breathing Problems

Be aware that a breathing problem might be a medical emergency. Dangers come from cardiovascular problems including heart attacks, blood clots, obstructions, lung infections, blocked liver ducts, fractures, asthma, allergies and many other conditions.

Chiropractors treat non-emergency breathing problems, where the origin might be from muscle/fascia/joint/nerve irritation in the mid back (thoracic) or neck regions.

If a spinal joint is misaligned, its’ irritated nerve endings send signals to the brain, which reflexively sends messages back to the muscles surrounding that spinal joint; the area gets tight as it guards or splints that problem area, but the reflexive splinting might be excessive, causing chest pain that is worsened with deep breaths. Chiropractic manipulation is a key tool in treating this.

The joint in the back of the chest where the ribs meet the spine is known as the rib head or demi-facet joint. If this joint is misaligned, movement of the ribs (like twisting or taking a deep breath) might result in a sharp stabbing pain if the rib head is “out” (of place). Chiropractic adjustments to the rib head are beautiful at realigning the joint in treating this.

Chiropractic adjustments in the neck commonly allow patients to experience easier breathing due to “clearer sinuses”. There are also many reports of relief from certain forms of asthma (neurogenic) after receiving chiropractic treatment.

For those who are fascinating with the body’s complex fascia system, efficient timing and rhythm in your running technique will pump the body’s fascial spring mechanism, and locomotor fascia attaches to internal fascia including the fascia surrounding the lungs. Deep fascia of the muscular system support a catenary system for the internal fascia of the respiratory system. Old injuries and problems hypothetically can result in a dysfunctional catenary system and dysfunctional lung or other internal problems.

With this in mind, the combination of chiropractic manipulation and Fascial Manipulation (Stecco Method) would allow the joints, muscles and fascia to behave predictably and effectively in a coordinated fashion, allowing the locomotor system and the internal respiratory system to work together functionally and in clear harmony.

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