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Bachelor of Science 

Osteopathic Medicine

University of Westminster


Osteopathy Treatments:

joint & muscle pain

soft tissue therapy

joint mobilization

joint manipulation



strength & timing


Dr. Fan focuses on the patient complaint and any hidden cause of the pain. This involves assessing weaknesses and

imbalances then treating the muscles, other soft tissues and joints with expertise in techniques of osteopathy.


Thomas Fans' understanding of movement is enhanced with his 3rd degree BBJ black belt. He knows how to make the body both move and stop.

Dr. Fan is (he says "was") an

elite athlete, he continues his

passion by treating with

techniques based on achieving

pain-free and healthy movement. 


Whether the pain is from sports

injury or from sitting at the piano

or in a long haul airplane

seat, Dr. Fan will assess the

problem then discuss the treatment plan. 


He works the muscles and fascia hands on with manual techniques, so a lot of soft tissue work is done in our clinic. This is usually followed up with stability exercises.  Sometimes it is sports specific, or general exercises aimed to improve movement that was causing the pain in the first place.   

Dr. Fan is highly experienced in dry needling; this was part of his university osteopathy training. 

Dr. Fan treats injuries and pain involving:







Rehabilitation of injuries and safe return to sport and work

is our passion.  

 Lower Limb

hip, thigh, knee, ankle,

foot & toes  

Upper Limb 

shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist & fingers

Jaw (TMJ), Headache

Shoulder, Neck, Back & Pelvis

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