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Massage / Myotherapy / Manual Therapy

Alan Ho      -     Arthur Law

Oil Massage

Relaxation Massage

gentle therapy

for relief of sore or tight muscles

relax & enjoy


Sports / Therapeutic Massage

Based on the periodization of your activity 

  • Pre-training

  • Pre-event

  • Post training recovery

  • Post-event

  • Acute injury care

  • Rehab post injury recovery

Female Golfer with Clubs
Golfer hitting golf
Golfer hitting golf

Fascial Adhesions

  1.  Fascia is connective tissue, AKA "silver skin"

2. Healthy fascia glides smoothly over its' muscles 

3. Sticky fascia (adhesions) have reduced gliding. 

4. Densified adhesions ultimately lead to muscle imbalances and other health problems

5. Fascial massage goals include reducing adhesions of fascia to their adjacent tissues.

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