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Be Tall, Be Strong

Sports Science Basics for Runners

By Dr. David Cosman in Hong Kong

Body position: BE TALL, BE STRONG!

Running tall allows you to run stronger and easier than a slouched position would allow. When you run, concentrate on “the task at hand” (running) and monitor your technique throughout your run.

Posture is all-important, so keep your mind on these two GMax factors:

1. Head, chin and chest up is tall; tell yourself to keep your “headlights up”. Your primary propulsive gluteal muscles can contract stronger when you are tall.

2. “Hips forward” is when your body leads with your pelvic bones. The pelvis and hips should be maintained in a slight forward hinged position that gives you forward momentum without leaning/slouching. This provides beneficial gluteal and hamstring tension and prevents low back stress by tractioning fascia that stabilizes the spine.

The tall and head-tall posture might feel exaggerated at first, so have somebody take a photo or video of you to see what your head and body posture really looks like.

Looking down at your phone and looking down at the computer monitor can create prolonged bad postural habits which in turn can damage fascia. Sitting at work requires your pelvis/hips to be hinged forward and getting up to stretch often.

Look at your posture,… others do!

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